Bi-weekly Computer Networking/IT Industry Updates (17 – 30 Dec, 2012)

Welcome to another edition of bi-weekly computer networking/IT industry updates (17 – 30 December, 2012). Let us look at some important news, product releases and articles from vendors/industry, over the last two weeks.

#1. Cisco announces intent to acquire BroadHop –  Cisco has announced through a press release that they plan to acquire BroadHop, a provider of next-generation policy control and service management technology for carrier networks, worldwide.

#2. Motorola Solutions introduces Secure Access for providing Wi-Fi at retail stores – Motorola’s new WiNG 5 secure access is a cloud-based service that aims to provide secure guest access for customers using their own devices inside retail stores. Read more…

#3. Dell acquires Credant Technologies – Dell has announced through a press release that they have acquired Credant Technologies, a company offering solutions to control, manage and secure data sent from endpoints to servers, storage and cloud.

#4. Amazon Web Services introduces EC2 high storage instance – The Amazon Web Services EC2 high storage instance optimized for applications requiring fast access to large amounts of data. Read more…

#5. Watchguard introduces two new extensible content security models – Watchguard has announced that they have introduced two new extensible content security models – XCS 280, XCS 580 targeted at small/medium businesses. Read more..

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