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Handling CRM Processes in Large Organizations

This is a guest post by Sarika Periwal

The bigger the company the more fronts at which the customer gets exposed to the company. Your staff at the customer care center may be great at their jobs but how does the rest of your employee body come across to the customer? Are they efficient and timely in their responses or do they make the customer wish they did not have to deal with such incompetent staff? The larger the organization the more difficult it gets to handle the CRM process in the company. However a web based contact management software can make it easier for large companies to put an efficient CRM process in place. It will also give managers a good way to monitor what interaction with each customer of the company can generate.

The heart of Customer Relationship Management is good customer service. If your company can make the customer feel that they care about his interests the customer will never leave you. With this purpose in mind many companies organize CRM workshops, invest in CRM software, and try to boost the experience of the customer. Do you know why this often fails in a large organization? It fails because customer care is not just an automated process, it involves real human beings, and I am not talking about just your external customers, but also the people who are employed by your company. The internal employees are the ones who need to be involved in the customer care with the right attitude. This attitude towards the customer can make a world of a difference.

No matter what CRM solution the business uses the heart of the customer care is delivered by an individual who is not afraid to take an active interest in the customer he is dealing with. In a large organization the employee is not that concerned about making a personal connection with the customer. He is more interested in handling the query and getting back to the paper work at hand. Naturally the disinterest he feels is conveyed through body language to the potential customer and may result in lost sales or repeat business. However it is not just the employee’s fault that he is not interested in the details of the formal customer relationship management process. Why does he think of the CRM process as added tedium to his daily life?

The company may take the pains to acquaint the employee with the concepts of CRM and the benefits that may result from this, but do they also take pains to see how it can be implemented without making the employee’s life more harried? If you want the employees of your company to treat the customer as the most important person in the universe, you need to also treat your employees as the most important thing that happened to your business. Think of your employees as your internal customers. If you can keep them happy and satisfied, there is a good chance that they will automatically begin to reflect this satisfaction to the customers. The happy employee will then naturally generate happy and satisfied customers.

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Sarika Periwal suggests using KarmaCRM, a web based CRM application with options for free accounts. Training and education in CRM concepts are good, but attitude is what will eventually make the difference to the bottom line. Use this online CRM software to help your employees help your customers.