In order to expand the reach and create more visibility for your product/service in the Computer Networking/IT Technologies sector, you could –

Publish a sponsored post in this blog with a <no-follow> link going back to your website at the end of the post. This post will be featured in the front page of the blog and will be sent to all email/RSS/Google+ subscribers. This will also improve your search engine visibility, esp. for people searching for related products via the search engines. Since this is a technology-focused blog, posts on technology will be more effective.

If you are looking to get the maximum eyeballs on a new/focus product or service, you could place a banner ad just below the header/above the content. This is a prominent location and will be visible to everyone visiting the homepage directly or coming through search engines on individual pages. (The search bar is currently located in its place.)

You could use the contact form (or) email: excitingip[at]gmail[dot]com to get more information/pricing about advertising here.

Note: Ad-units/creatives will carry no-follow links. Advertising for the purpose of getting backlinks will not be encouraged. The site owner has the right to accept/reject ad requests.

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