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    3 Phones with 8K Video Recording in 2020

    Are you still recording 4K videos on your mobile phone? You are so in 2019! In 2020, 8K Video Recording is going to be the norm. Well, at least on the flagship phones of certain manufacturers. Here are 3 phones that will support 8K video recording in the first half of 2020 – Samsung Galaxy S20, LG V60 ThinQ & Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Are you wondering why your favorite iPhone is not here? You may have to wait for a couple of years for iOS to catch up lol… 🙂 Just how many pixels are we recording with 8K? 7,680×4,320 That’s a big number. So we need large cameras…

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    InExpensive Android Phone with Stylus Pen (LG Q Stylus)

    I have been using the LG Q Stylus for more than six months, and frankly, I like this phone – especially the stylus for which I bought it. I thought I could draw and take notes using the stylus, but I find myself using the stylus to type long sentences on the cramped Android keyboard. So I end up using the stylus multiple times a day – I am now so used to taking the stylus out of the stylus holder and using it to type. I also use it to open and control apps. I also use my finger for shorter sessions, but I love using my stylus. Compared…

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    Access Tech & Business Courses Free of Cost for Two Months

    SkillShare is an Online Learning platform that offers structured byte-sized video courses on various topics including technology. It is a subscription-based model where user can pay a fixed cost per month (currently $8.95 USD) and access any or all of the thousands of courses available with them. For a limited time, Skillshare is offering two-months of free unlimited access to all its courses if you click and signup through this link – https://www.skillshare.com/join?studentRef=811995679&via=student-referral&utm_campaign=student-referral-settings&utm_source=ShortUrl&utm_medium=student-referral-general Note: This is an affiliate link and I may get a few more extra days of free access if you click and signup through it. Also, you need to enter your credit card info while signing up…

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    Exciting Tech Deals at Best Buy this Black Friday 2019

    Have a look at this page to get more info on Best Buy Black Friday 2019 Deals and the products that are expected to go on Sale (Click) Best Buy is one exciting online retailer to watch out this Black Friday 2019 as many tech products are about to go on a huge sale as early as 5 P.M. on Thanksgiving Day. On Black Friday, I guess they are planning to run deals pretty much the entire day! Here are my three mantras for grabbing the Best Black Friday deals at Online Retailers: Know what you are going to buy Set up Deal Alerts for the products you want to…

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    Black Friday 2019: Best Deals on Computers & PC Components at Newegg

    Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Deals generally offer the lowest prices on most tech devices including Computers & PC Components. So if you’ve been waiting to buy that Shiny Apple Laptop or build a Gaming PC from scratch, you’ll find the best deals and coupons on online tech retailers like Newegg during the second half of Nov. and the first half of Dec. 2019. The challenge during Black Friday sale month is not only to get the lowest possible prices but also to find the best quality products that are most suitable for your requirements. Don’t make the mistake of buying a sub-par product because of a huge price…

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    How to Increase Laptop Speed?

    Recently I found out that there are two important things to do in order to increase Laptop speed, especially for processing-intensive applications like Video Editing tools, High-end Games, etc. They cost a bit, but nowhere near the cost of a new laptop with the specs I wanted. The speed increase due to this upgrade is worth the cost I spent. The two imp. steps to increase your laptop speeds are – Increase your RAM size to as much as possible but within the upgrade limits prescribed for your laptop model. Change your rotating hard-drive to SSD. These two are the main things you need to do to see a noticeable…

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    8 Tips for Smooth Scaling with Document Management Systems

    There’s a lot of pressure to be first in the market and it’s easy to fall behind. Now is the time to plan some strategies to stay in the competition. One of the many problems you might face at your workplace is searching for a missing file in every cabinet or drawer you can find, yet still not finding any trace of it. Having a document management system (DMS) installed in your office can make your workflow go more smoothly so that you won’t have any problem finding files and can then help clients or customers efficiently. In this article, we’ll be looking at how having a DMS installed in…

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    Phixman: Mobile/Laptop Repair Shop Now in Chennai

    Phixman.com, a mobile/laptop repair chain in India, has now opened a shop at Chennai – 115/26, Corporation Complex, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Near Ambedkar Statue. Ph/WA: 8940995533. I went to the opening ceremony event today which was hosted by the Chennai franchaise owner. He mentioned the following points as USPs for Phixman: Free pickup/drop of mobiles/laptops from within a 5 KM radius. They try to finish the Service/Repair within 24 hours. For broken mobile screens, they can change only the screen instead of changing the entire LCD panel set, which can save a considerable amount of money. They give a 90-day post-service warranty. The parent company is based at New Delhi…

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    Business Introduction Video

    A Business Introduction Video is useful for not only business owners and entrepreneurs, but also for sales/marketing professionals, speakers, delegates and anyone else who represent a company externally. While people can and generally do a good job of introducing their companies, there are chances that they might miss out certain crucial aspects of their business or they might take more time to finish their introduction. Hence, if we use a pre-made & approved video, all the salient points can be conveyed succinctly along with attractive visual effects. This video can be displayed on a projector, laptop, or even a mobile phone screen. Customers, partners and other stakeholders will like this…

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    Developers, become an IBM Coder!

    IBM runs an IBM Coder Program that is open to developers/coders of all levels, working anywhere or still in academia, across the world. It’s free of cost to join and you can earn rewards for your contributions while learning from the best. You’ll find a vibrant community of coders out there who will not only lift your spirits when you feel down, but will also help you identify promising upcoming tech & grasp some of the most difficult concepts. Of course, you could also help others in return. All of us know how difficult it is to learn & get recognized while studying in college or while working in a…

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    IBM Developer Day 2019 – Highlights

    Combining the top curated technical talks, open source code, hands on workshops and coding expertise, IBM Developer Day is designed for developers by developers. https://www.ibm.com/events/in-en/think/IBMDeveloperDay/ As a tech blogger, I was invited to attend the IBM Developer Day 2019 held on 14th March at Taj Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru. The above-embedded 1.5m highlights video made by me will give you a glimpse into the activities of the day. The highlight of the event was the keynote address by Ginni Rometty, Chairman, President & CEO of IBM. She emphasized the commitment to open-source technologies by IBM, especially on the wake of its recent Red Hat acquisition. But we ought to remember that IBM…

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    Why Do You Need Smart Lights?

    Smart Lights – Video Overview If you are wondering what makes ‘smart’ lights different from regular light bulbs, and why you should buy smart lights for your home or office, read on. What are Smart Lights? Smart Lights are similar to regular light bulbs and they plug into the regular light bulb sockets. However, they connect to your WiFi network/WiFi router either directly or through a Hub, depending on the manufacturer. Once connected, you can control smart lights via a mobile app (among others). Here are Ten Reasons Why you should Invest in a Smart Light today, Connected Smart Lights enable you to,  Group and Control your lights on a…

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    Smartband: 5 Reasons Why you should Buy one

      So you are thinking whether to buy a Smartband (at least in 2019) or not. Even better, you maybe thinking what is this Smartband, what benefits does it give me, and why should I bother buying one? Good, you have reached the right page. I assume you spend most of your time on your favorite chair or couch – in a comfortable sedentary position. And you consider those steps taken from cab to office and cab to home as ‘sufficient’ exercise for the day. Read on. Smartbands: 5 Reasons Why you should Buy one TODAY –  ONE: Idle/Sitting Alerts & Notifications  This one reason is sufficient enough to invest…

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    Looking to buy PRI Lines in India? Read this First

    Any organisation, whether large or small, would benefit immensely by buying and using PRI Lines for local/inter-state voice communication. What more, PRI lines can also be used for video conferencing thereby making them the best multi-utility option for enterprise voice and video services. PRI Lines are end-to-end digital lines that help you connect to PSTN network and provide 30 simultaneous channels for voice communication. Service provider terminates PRI line directly to an EPABX system with an empty PRI card slot and a PRI card, both of which are easily available in the market from EPABX manufacturers/vendors. Once the PRI line is connected, you can make local, inter-state and even international…

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