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    Have you implemented MDM (Mobile Device Management) in your company, yet?

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) applications are slowly but surely penetrating into the enterprise. With the increasing BYOD culture among employees, many want to use their own mobiles/tablets during work. While it maybe possible to implement a strict ‘no personal device connectivity to the enterprise network’ policy, it is difficult to enforce it. It maybe better to manage and control all the mobile devices being used by employees. That way, you can not only protect enterprise data from being stolen, but you can also improve the productivity of employees. This can be achieved by deploying MDM solutions. This image is published in the public domain under this license Have a look…

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    Database Clusters – Scale up & Increase availability for Mission critical databases

    What is a Database Cluster? Databases offer back-end support to any critical application used in the enterprise (like ERP, CRM, etc) by storing, organizing and retrieving all the data used by the applications. Database Clusters refer to grouping of multiple such database servers/ nodes in order to provide high availability to databases and to scale up the number of database servers, based on application requirements (among others). Let us learn more about Database clusters, in this article. You might be wondering why a Computer Networking blog is giving an introduction to Database Clustering? Think about it like this – Computer Networks are basically built to enable applications to run over…

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    Telecommuting technologies that enable people to work from home

    Our cities are getting more and more congested because people are becoming more and more greedy. Everyone wants to have a car, and if possible, the biggest gas-guzzling model at that! Obviously, this attitude is going to land us in huge congestion problems sooner than latter. In this context, why don’t companies allow a sizable amount of their workforce to work from home? Let us look at certain Telecommuting technologies that enable companies to allow employees to work from a remote location (home), in this article. Why Telecommute? The penetration of high speed broadband technology to almost everywhere, has enabled people to do more from a remote location than what…

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    Can Online PHR – Patient Health Records help us manage health info better?

    One thing that the fast paced and successful professionals of today have managed to successfully neglect is health! Can Online PHR – Patient Health Records help us get back on track and help us manage our health information better? In the older days, people had family physicians. Every one in a family visits the same doctor, whom they generally know for many years. So, the doctor knows all the health conditions, allergies and previous history of their patients quite well. But these days, since the world has become a Global Village, people keep moving around for better professional as well as personal opportunities. People spend so much time in their…

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    Hadoop – Create Distributed Computing and Scalable Storage with entry level Servers

    Hadoop is an open source software promoted by the Apache Foundation in order to enable enterprises to realize the advantages of distributed computing and scalable storage capabilities, using entry level servers. Let us get to know more about Hadoop in this article and analyze why customers would want to deploy it in their companies.

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    How about ‘Predictive Analytics’ for IT System failure alerts, before they actually happen?

    'Predictive Analytics' uses complex mathematical formulas to predict certain events like hurricanes, weather, etc. With the kind of processing power and technology available today, these algorithms have a fair degree of accuracy. Why not use 'Predictive Analytics' to predict IT systems / Network failure, a couple of hours before they actually happen? If you are managing a large IT set-up, you might want to have a look at this technology.

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    What stops organizations from adopting Open Office/Libre Office Office productivity suites?

    We all know that there are open source based alternatives to Microsoft Office and the two most popular alternatives are Open Office and Libre Office. But why are enterprise users and even SMB organizations reluctant to fully adopt Open Office / Libre Office? What might be the key pain areas that stops companies from taking a potentially huge cost-cutting step? Let us have a look at some concerns, in this article.

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    Google Docs – Ten reasons why your organization might want to take documents to the cloud

    Google Docs is nothing new. But why should you take your documents to the cloud? Apart from Google Docs being free to use, there are ten more compelling reasons on why your organization ought to consider embracing the cloud by adopting Google Docs for your documentation needs – Read on to find out.

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    How about Virtual (Online) 3D Meeting/Collaboration with remote team members?

    If you are familiar with Second Life, you can visualize a tool with similar functionalities that allows enterprise companies (especially remote workers) to meet in an online world (virtually) using 3D models (avatars) where they can text and talk to each other (at the basic level). What makes this enterprise friendly is the collaboration features offered by some of them - You can see different types of files/documents together with your team and even work on some of them simultaneously along with your colleagues - Now, that's something to ponder upon!

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    Advantages & Disadvantages of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems

    In order to understand computer networks better, it would be helpful to have an overview of the applications running on the network. ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning is an important enterprise application that integrates all the individual departments/ functions in a single software application. ERP Systems make it easier to track the work-flow across various departments and reduce the operational costs involved in manually tracking, and perhaps duplicating data in individual & disparate systems. In this article, let us have a look at the advantages and dis-advantages of implementing ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) Systems.

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    Telemedicine over IP Networks – Introduction & Applications

    Tele-medicine is an application that IP Networks have successfully enabled. Tele-medicine not only takes affordable health care to rural areas and inaccessible places but also enables people in cities reduce their physical trips to hospitals by automating the process of health care monitoring. In this article, let us see how IP networks have enabled tele-medicine & the various components of a Tele-medicine system.

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    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – What is it, Why is it required, Advantages & Disadvantages of CRM

    Like so many applications that run on the network, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is also an application that can be implemented to improve the interaction with/ responses to, the customers. But, with a substantial number of CRM projects not delivering expected results, we ought to take a closer look at what are the objectives, functions, advantages and limitations of CRM solutions.

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    Door Access Control Systems can now communicate over IP!

    When you use a swipe card/ smart card to enter your office premises, have you wondered what happens in the background before the door opens to let you in? Well a lot! But the focus of our article is to give a small introduction to (door) access control systems and explore how the Internet Protocol (IP) has benefited the access control systems.

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    Access another Computer from anywhere with Remote Desktop Software

    While giving technical support to your customers (or) while trying to help your mother to install some software, from a remote location either through phone (or) chat or any other means of communication, you might some times want to do the fix/process by yourself quickly instead of giving instructions to others - That's the purpose of a remote desktop software. Let us find out about them, and what else they can do, in this article.