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    Customized Wedding Slideshows

    I have started a new venture, wowsuper.net where I create custom slideshow videos for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. Have a look at the above-embedded video to see how photos and videos can be combined to create a beautiful slideshow video with effects, transitions, text, music, animation, motion graphics, etc. Free apps might be sufficient to create basic slideshows, but special occasions demand outstanding effects and professional effort – don’t you think? After all, people spend a lot of money to make their special day memorable. Why not spend a little more to share it with the world and on social networks in style? For this new venture,…

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    HoiChoi: The App for Bengali Entertainment Programmes

    SVF, Eastern India’s prominent Entertainment company, has launched HoiChoi – the Digital Platform (Website, Mobile App) exclusively for Bengali audio/video content like web serials, movies, music, etc. HoiChoi is currently being launched with a strong content portfolio of exclusive & original web series, more than 500 Bengali movies & more than 1000 Bengali songs (will be added shortly). This is a subscription-based entertainment service and the introductory plans are given below – 3 Months – Rs. 149/- 6 Months – Rs. 249/- 12 Months – Rs. 399/- International rates are different and prices are subject to change anytime.  Advantages of HoiChoi Digital Platform:  One of the largest collection of Bengali…

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    OnePlus 3T Phone: Advantages & Limitations

    *This post is off-topic.  Since I was involved in a full-time IT project over the last few months, I’ve not been able to update this blog. It’s now completed and you can expect regular posts on IT/Comp. networking from now on. Do comment below if you have any topic suggestions. I also wish to highlight my latest creative venture – animatedphotos.org. Basically, you could send me six photos taken on a special occasion like a trip, birthday, wedding, etc. and I will create a nice animated photo slideshow using those photos. Head over to my personal blog for details. Now let me come to the topic of this post. OnePlus 3T…

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    3D Printing: Why IT Professionals must care

    Why IT Professionals/Enterprises must care about 3D Printing? With the invention of computing and disruption of software, enterprises and industries have never been the same. After the computing and information technology revolution, the world is ready to embrace the next industrial revolution. If not all, most of the IT professionals see Additive Manufacturing, well known as 3D Printing, as another fancy trend which will end soon. But the truth is that the technology that is predicted to generate a market worth of 30 Billion USD by 2022 is here to stay and has already become an integral part of manufacturing, medicine, and automotive industries. With many innovations happening in the…

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    CII Connect 2016 Expo @ Chennai, India

    The CII Connect 2016 expo & conference just happened in my hometown Chennai (India) on Sep. 27 & 28. Since the event focuses on ICT (Information & Communications Technology) in India, I thought why not visit and write about some interesting products and companies I find there. Disclaimer: Not all products/services mentioned below are related to IT/Networking; some of these companies cater to the local market here and hence may not be applicable for the global audience.  So here you go.. #1. Naanal Naanal Stack paves the path to move to Software Defined Data Center architecture through their next-gen desktop/server virtualization systems, management software, etc. Naanal in Tamil means a plant…

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    Why Women drop out of IT jobs?

    Recently I went to the 10th Anniversary Celebration event of ewit – Empowerment of Women in IT, in my city – Chennai, India. The theme this year was, “Gender Equal – The workplace of the future”. Here is my blog post on my lifestyle blog summarizing the events of the day. In this post, I will list out some points gathered there on why women drop out of IT jobs. Note: Some points mentioned below may not be applicable to all countries/everyone.  1. Women get Married/Have Kids: While the panelists noted that the ratio of men:women is almost equal at entry-level positions, many women drop out of jobs when they get married,…

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    Ramco Systems releases ERP offering for Logistics

    Ramco Systems, a Chennai (India) based enterprise software company launched the Ramco Logistics Software, an integrated cloud-based platform for third-party logistics, on the sidelines of announcing their Q3 results. This niche offering integrates logistics and ERP software and runs on the cloud. The company follows the per-user-per-month pricing model, popular with cloud offerings. The growth of e-commerce and urbanization of the logistics sector, the company says, has renewed the interest for innovative technology offerings for this industry. Hence they have come up with an end-to-end integrated and cloud-based ERP for logistics. Today, the company organized a press release to announce their Q3 results. Here are the highlights: Q3 YTD profit after tax…

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    My Personal Blog

    I guess you all know my name: Rajesh K, but did you know that I live in Chennai, India? Or that I have a personal blog: Destination Infinity? Or that I am a ‘professional blogger’ writing and managing four blogs? Hmm… High time I told you something about me. You too can tell something about yourselves. *Since this blog is overflowing with (rather boring, but necessary) technical info, I thought why not lighten it with a few non-tech posts occasionally* 🙂 I started blogging 8 years ago, and the above mentioned blog was my first. Since I was passionate about creative writing, storytelling and connecting with people, starting a blog seemed obvious.…

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    Computer Networking and IT: LinkedIn Group

    About 80% of the respondents of the survey in my previous post wanted a LinkedIn group. So I’ve created one: Computer Networking and IT. I may create one on Facebook in the future, depending on the interest and engagement level in this group. I guess you can share related links, start discussion threads requesting help, post jobs, post new product releases, etc. But just make sure you don’t step overboard with self promotional messages — I’ll moderate for and remove spam. The group is right now open for everyone, but it will eventually be closed and only related professionals will be retained. If any of you want exclusive closed sub-groups,…

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    A Short Survey (Group Preference & Topic Suggestion)

    Hi, Below, you’ll find a short survey (two questions). It’s anonymous. 1. I am planning to launch a group for Computer Networking – IT Technologies professionals and I want to know your preferred platform. A group will allow everyone to interact, help each other, and share useful links/information. I’ll personally moderate the group to ensure there is no spam and only related professionals are in. 2. I want to know what topics you might want to know/learn more about that’ll help you do your job better. I am planning to write blog posts (or) create information products like eBooks, audio books, or presentation videos for topics requested by multiple readers.…

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    Intel & DST Innovate for Digital India Challenge

    Today I had the opportunity to go to the Intel & DST Innovate for Digital India Challenge kick-off event held at Le Royal Meridian, Chennai. Intel is organizing this challenge for aspiring innovators, entrepreneurs, product designers, startups, students, etc. It is open to Indian National Residents who are 18 years or more as on 1st June ’15. There are two broad areas where new designs/ideas can be submitted: Citizen Device Platform (Hardware Access Device) that helps digitally non-literate person to interact with systems in order to drive mass adoption of technology. For example: Multilingual Voice input/output, Biometric sensing, gesture recognition, etc. Create Apps that accelerate delivery of e-governance through eKranti/MyGov…

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    Are you Going to HP World Tour 2015 in Mumbai?

    If you are an IT professional, living in/around Mumbai — India, you’ll not want to miss the Hp World Tour 2015 event scheduled on May 15, 2015 at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. “Don’t ask a search engine, meet the engineer. Don’t read the white paper, meet the author. Don’t watch the flash demo, touch the technology.” By attending this one-day event, you’ll not only get to learn about the latest happenings in Cloud, Mobility, Big Data, and Security, but you’ll also get the chance to meet and network with experts from Hp and their partners, directly. Keynote speakers for this event include – Jim Merritt – Senior Vice President, Enterprise…

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    Google Apps for Work Promo Code (India)

    Google Apps for Work (Video Introduction): Google Apps for Work is a Cloud-based collaboration platform that enables all your employees from anywhere in the world, communicate, collaborate & work together in real-time, easily. Requiring no hardware/software investments, Google Apps is a pay-as-you-go solution for your company email, documents, storage, and communication needs. More here: Google Apps for Work. If you are based in India, you can sign up for a free 30-day Trial from here. [Disclaimer: This is a referral link. If you click on it, sign-up, and purchase a subscription, you may get a better price than usual and I may get a small commission for promotion. If you don’t like…

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    Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (Book Review)

    Steve Jobs is the biography of the iconic Apple Executive & CEO, written by Walter Isaacson. I finished reading this book recently and thought why not write a review. So here I am 🙂 Steve Jobs’ Apple Computers redefined many technological products over the last few decades. Steve Wozniack, the co-founder of Apple (along with Steve Jobs) is the inventor of the computer as we know it now. Apple – I & Apple – II computers were popular. Macintosh introduced the GUI interface on computers. (Idea inspired from Xerox, but the latter did not intend to use it in a commercial product.) Pixar, a company founded by Steve Jobs just…

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