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    WAN Virtualization, anyone?

    WAN Virtualization is perhaps the next step to WAN link load balancing. Perhaps, some of the features mentioned here might be implemented by Application Delivery Controllers as well, but the concept behind the terminology - Considering all the WAN pipes as one big pipe and then routing the packets individually on the most appropriate link, among others is quite interesting. Lets read more about WAN Virtualization, in this article.

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    You need to know about Virtual Application Delivery Controllers

    Well, looks like every device in the Data Center wants to be virtualized! So, the Application Delivery Controllers have also joined this trend. It is possible to sub-divide a large Application Delivery Controller into various independent (Virtual) Application Delivery Controllers to give differentiated services to individual applications and clients, using the same physical infrastructure. Let us read more about Virtual Application Delivery Controllers, in this article. What are Application Delivery Controllers? Application Delivery Controllers do a lot of critical functions in a Data Center including Server Load balancing, WAN Connectivity optimization (caching, acceleration, etc), SSL Offloading/acceleration and many other functionalities that are critical for application delivery and performance to the…

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    What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

    A Content Delivery Network is a network of servers hosted by a service provider in multiple locations of the world (usually shared with multiple customers) so that the content could always be served from a server that is nearest to the consumer requesting for it. And besides, since multiple servers are used, the load is distributed and consumers get better quality content. There are many more advantages to a CDN, which we will see in the last section of this article

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    Why DDI (DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management) is critical for distributed organizations

    With multiple branches and thousands of IP addresses, centralized management of critical network services like DNS, DHCP and IP Addresses are catching up with bigger and distributed organizations. Read on to understand how the DDI - DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management appliances can help and the advantages of centralizing these critical network services.

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    Write with a digital pen!

    With everything else becoming digital, the pen doesn't want to be left out. There are even digital papers which help the digital pen! This article enables what exactly can be done by the digital pen and the digital paper and some of their applications.

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    Bandwidth categorization, analysis and optimization in WAN links

    One of the ways to optimize WAN traffic from the branches to a consolidated data centre is to manage and optimize the bandwidth according to the needs and observed parameters of a specific network. We will look at how the incoming and outgoing data packets from a WAN network are categorized, analysed and optimized in this article.

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    Introduction to WAN Optimization Techniques

    Ever wondered why WAN optimization is required in consolidated data centre scenarios? Or how much difference WAN optimization makes in such situations? This article gives an overview of the techniques that are applied to optimize the data that is sent across the WAN network in order to reduce the bandwidth consumed by them and also to reduce the delay associated with WAN links.