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    Why the new H.264-SVC Scalable Video Coding is exciting!

    These days, video based applications are on the rise and the Internet is expected to satisfactorily cater to the bandwidth intensive and latency sensitive video content, notwithstanding its shortcomings like packet loss, etc. While we cannot do much about the physical network that makes the Internet, we can sure make video encoding techniques more efficient and effective. If H.264-SVC is standardized to give interoperability and backward compatibility, we might just hit gold!

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    Why H.264 AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10) Video Codec is critical for Video Transmission

    Transmission of video has become an important function that needs to be supported by WAN networks including the Internet. But, if video is handled in its raw form, the bandwidth consumed/ size of video could be huge. Hence video compression through codec’s was introduced. Let’s learn something about one of the most popular video compression technologies – H.264 AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10) in this article. Whether you are handling Video Conferencing systems, IP Video Surveillance systems, HD DVD, HDTV, Online video storage and streaming, video game consoles, mobile video through 3G/4G… you need to be conversant about one important technology that all of them use – H.264 AVC                  (Advanced Video…

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    Different ways to do a Video Conference – Personal and Professional

    There are so many situations when we wish we could see and talk to another person/ few people - both for personal and professional reasons. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which we can do that as long as there is some form of connectivity between the two people wanting to see and talk to each other. So, we will look at the various ways to do an effective video conference - both from personal and professional point of view and the infrastructure/ connectivity required for the same.

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    What is Unified Communications?

    The communications industry, video conferencing industry, contact centre industry - all of them are so excited about UC - Unified Communications. Let us see the various components/features of Unified Communications and how they can be applied to businesses, in this article.

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    What is Telepresence and what are its components?

    This article gives an introduction to Telepresence, how Telepresence creates an immersive real time meeting atmosphere, what are the components of Telepresence, interoperability between Telepresence and video conferencing and bandwidth requirements of a Telepresence solution.

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    An Overview of Audio Conferencing Systems

    This article is to provide an overview of audio conferencing systems, their features, cell phone connectivity, integration with video conference, content sharing on an audio conference and audio conference systems over IP.

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    What is High Definition (HD) Video Conferencing?

    This article introduces the High Definition or HD Video Conferencing, the standards used in HD video conferencing with reference to definition(pixels) and presentation of motion(frames per second), advantages of HD video conferencing, aspect ratio and bandwidth in HD video conferencing and requirements of HD video conferencing.

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    An overview of Video Multi-Conference Units (MCU)

    This article gives a small introduction to a Multi-Conference Unit in Video Conferencing systems, the necessity to have a separate hardware based multi-conferencing unit, the features and functionalities supported by them, managed multi-conferencing systems, gateways and gatekeepers.

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    Video phones and features supported by them

    This article describes a typical video phone, the common features supported by them, specific features they support for bandwidth, display, camera, voice etc. We provide a global picture of the functionality and technologies supported by today's video phone.

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