Video over IP

Some IP Network Cameras come with upto 35x – 36x Optical Zoom!

IP Network Cameras have their advantages over CCTV Surveillance, but I had overlooked this one! Can you imagine what  you can do with a Surveillance Camera that has an 35x-36x Optical zoom? These IP Surveillance Cameras make a lot of interesting applications possible!

For example, if you have a huge factory floor, normally you may have to install multiple cameras at multiple locations to get a good view of what is going on. Of course you need to get the cables to those locations, form a decent backbone network to carry the video signals, etc. But with high zoom capable IP network cameras, probably a couple of them placed at strategic locations will do for a birds eye view of the entire premises. You can always zoom into a particular area if you want to watch something closer.

IP Network Cameras with high optical zoom levels might be very useful for outdoor surveillance requirements like car parking, school / college campus, perimeter surveillance, airports / sea-ports / bus terminus, public utilities, etc. In most of the situations a birds eye view is generally sufficient and when the security officer wants a closer view, he can always zoom in to a particular area. This reduces the number of IP surveillance cameras required for a surveillance project.

You may not be able to zoom in to a video footage that has already been recorded but you can always do that during a live surveillance session. Optical zoom expands the images using physical lens magnification techniques and doesn’t reduce the clarity of the images (un)like the digital zoom. So, 3x optical zoom factor might expand the images up to three times its normal visible size. That means, you can get three times closer to the object in the image due to the magnification ratio of 3:1. Imagine 35x / 36x optical zoom!

In this video (Youtube – See up to 2:30) you can actually see how the IP network camera is kept far away (in a car parking) but is still able to zoom in and read the info on the number plate! There are at least three IP network cameras from prominent manufacturers (here here and here) that come with such high levels of optical zoom (35x-36x). Of course, you might not always need such a high zoom factor and hence you can look at various models that come with slightly lesser optical zoom capabilities depending on your requirement and cost considerations.

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