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Internet on Mobile is FUN? It’s more WORK, actually!

This blog, unlike my other blog, has been consistently technical and serious. So, I thought why not break the monotony and write something lighter?

Before about 3-4 years, I got my first smart phone – HTC p3400i. You may not believe, but I am still using it! Anyways, going back to those days, 3G was yet to be released and we had only EDGE. I thought something is better than nothing, and bought it especially for Internet browsing (due to its large touch screen).

I used to follow a lot of blogs and I wanted to be able to read and comment on them using my mobile phone. In my line of work (back then), I had to wait endlessly at certain places and I also had to travel quite a bit. So, I thought having a touch screen phone with Internet access might make things more fun.

It was, but each action has an equal and opposite reaction, right?

My first mistake was flaunting my new smart phone in the office. Obviously, my boss got to know about my new phone, and its capabilities. From that time, he used to casually call me, where ever I was and ask me to send mails to anyone at anytime! Before that, I used to call him and asked him to send mails on my behalf!

People are social animals. They like to share good things. So, my boss tells all our major customers that I have a touch screen phone with Internet access. So, once I get a call from a customer,


“Can you please confirm this by mail as soon as possible?”

“Sorry sir, I am outside now. I will go back to office in the evening. I will send a mail by then”

“Ha ha. I know you have a new touch screen phone with Internet access. Just send a mail from your mobile”


Then, the news spreads even to my Head Office. Someone from head office calls,


“Why don’t you send a follow up mail on this matter immediately, marking a copy to us?”

“I am outside right now”

“I know you have a new mobile with touch screen and Internet”


At that time, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the news of my new touch screen mobile with Internet ‘capabilities’ was featured on the front page of the local news paper. It was so popular!

Till then, I just had intrusion in the form of calls to my mobile. It was enough if I promised people that I would complete my work once I reached office. But now, I had a mobile office in my pocket! That means, work anywhere and everywhere!!!

Of course, there is an equal and opposite reaction to work, as well. So, I got to read all my favorite blogs and comment on them in-spite of these unwarranted interferences! πŸ™‚

How do you use your mobile? For FUN or for WORK?


This post is my entry for the indiBlogger.in contest ‘Internet is fun’, sponsored by Vodafone. Readers can have a look at the Vodaphone fun page – http://www.vodafone.in/fun


  • Stephen(TSW)

    Offcourse most of the boss’s would like to reduce their works,but I am not surprised to know that you boss asked you to do most of his mail work cz you have the SMART phone.. πŸ˜‰ so await good appraisals..what else you need πŸ˜‰

    • admin

      Go ahead and write it. I am sure your situations are different from mine, but your results might be similar to mine, though πŸ™‚

    • admin

      Many times, all of us would have used our smart phone for work. I know certain people who use smart phones only for work πŸ™‚

  • ashreyamom

    nice post.. you have balanced the pros and cons in the best way it could be told..

    At that time, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the news of my new touch screen mobile with Internet β€˜capabilities’ was featured on the front page of the local news paper. It was so popular!

    is my favorite line.. i know if u have the best phone among the pals, i know how the news spreads.. if u are in marketing department, i know how it is to work full time..
    thank god, even if i poses a phone hi-tec, i cant send and review autocad drawings.. or it will be like send drawings directly to sit all the time.. wow.. i got a topic to do my post writng comment to yours.. thanks buddy..

    • admin

      Oh no, don’t come to such conclusions. Some smart phones come with a quad-core processor these days! That means, they are more powerful than your computer!! Its just a short time before you find an Auto-CAD app for a smart phone. Or is it already there? πŸ™‚