Bi-Weekly Computer Networking Industry Updates (July 30 – Aug 12, 2012)

Welcome to another edition of Bi-Weekly Computer Networking industry updates/news. For now, I have decided to do one post like this every two weeks.

#1 How to convert your old laptop into a low-cost, low-power Server –  This article from TechRadar teaches you how to convert your old laptop into a low-cost and low-power (basic) Ubuntu Server that enables you to share files with Windows, Mac and Linux Computers. This may not be useful for large companies, but for people who are working from home and for SOHO users, this might be very useful. You don’t have to throw away your old laptop/stock it in your shelf – Do something useful with it!

#2 Server Virtualization Basics – This post from Silver Peak is an introductory article about the basics of Server Virtualization. They mention the various components/terms used in server virtualization along with a short description for each. Did you know the difference between Virtual Machine and Virtual Appliance? You can, by reading this article.

#3 Fiber Channel sells more than Ethernet in the Data Center – This blog post from Brocade provides statistics to make their point that Fiber Channel is still going strong, even though there is strong competition from Ethernet. Read it before coming to any conclusions.

#4 Is there any security threat with Remote Access tools?This blog post from Palo Alto Networks explains why remote access tools might be a security threat and what can be done to secure remote access.

#5 Six benefits of Virtual Phone systems – Not every business venture starts big, hence their infrastructure investments might be limited in the beginning. They too can project a good image using a Virtual PBX/Phone system while saving costs, argues this post from Grasshopper. Read it to know the benefits of Virtual Phone systems.

#6 Network Monitoring can help identify and mitigate network threats – This blog post from Solar Wind says that network monitoring can help identify and mitigate network-based threats earlier, in addition to Firewalls, IPS, A/v and other network security technologies.

#7 Has the TRILL standard been finalized? – To know the current status of TRILL, to know whether it has been finalized or not, to know if there have been any implementations of TRILL and lot more TRILL resources, read this blog post by IP Space.

#8 Is the Cloud for everyone? –  Cloud Computing is a buzzword these days. But should everyone jump and embrace the cloud? Not really, argues this blog post from IT Business Edge.

#9 IBM introduces new Security Appliance – IBM introduces the IBM Security Network Protection XGS 5000 Appliance. Read more about this appliance from here.

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