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Advantages of Precision Air Conditioners for Data Centers/Server Rooms

Let us look at the advantages of Precision air conditioners over comfort/standard air conditioners for data centers and server rooms. Of course, people use precision air conditioners (or something better) by default in data centers, these days. But, smaller facilities like server rooms and IT rooms don’t always get that privilege. It might actually take a single accident to understand that precision air conditioners are a must, at every location where network/server gear worth thousands of dollars (and more) are located.

Advantages of Precision Air Conditioners (AC) over Comfort/Standard Air Conditioners (AC):

  • Precise and quick processor-based temperature control, to keep your IT equipment at the right temperature, always.
  • Precise humidity control. Electronic devices require a steady level of humidity for proper functioning. Both high/low humidity levels can impede them on the long run.
  • Designed for 24 x 7, 365 days continuous operation. Room air conditioners are generally designed to be used for a few hours, that too during summers.
  • Precision air conditioners are designed to manage high levels of sensible heat (heat without humidity, emanated by machines) while comfort/standard air conditioners are designed to manage latent heat (heat with humidity, emanated by people).
  • Precision air conditioners demonstrate better air distribution. They have higher CFM rates that movies more air volume at higher speeds than standard AC’s. That also means that there are less airborne particles due to the AC.
  • Precision air conditioners can handle higher heat and AC load densities per each unit.
  • For larger premises, several units of precision air conditioners can coordinate with each other and automatically control (increase/decrease) individual AC loads, for efficient cooling.
  • Precision air conditioners can deploy new features or enhance existing ones as their software/firmware is regularly updated.
  • Precision air conditioners have better, faster support facilities/contracts, as vendors specialized for them understand the critical nature of IT support and maintenance.
  • It is also possible to remotely monitor/troubleshoot precision air conditioners, for quick problem resolution.

If you still want to use comfort/standard AC’s for your IT/network rooms, be sure to get a good insurance policy 🙂

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  • MG Cooling Solutions

    Today’s highly technology rooms requires precise and a stable environment so that the sensitive products could function properly. A standard comfort air conditioning is not suitable for such rooms and using it can result in element failure and frequent system shutdowns. For such situations, precision air conditioning is recommended as it maintains the humidity as well as temperature in very low range. It offers environment stability which is required by the sensitive equipment; hence you don’t have to face expensive downtime in your business.

    Very Informative Article. Thanks for sharing.