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July 26 is the Annual SysAdmin Day!!

This website has decided that today, July 26 will be the annual Sysadmin Day/System Administrator Appreciation Day. When you click on that link, a HORROR slide-show will appear and I strongly recommend you to view all the pictures, and determine how close they are to your company set-up πŸ˜›

Today is the day YOU can afford to feel Special. Today is the day of YOUR Liberation.Β Today is the day of YOUR Revolution.

So, if a colleague complains to you –

“Hey dude, the Internet is not working and I think the office LAN is down”

You could coolly reply, “You know what, a rare celestial event has resulted in light traveling faster than usual and the laws of optical physics have gone for a toss. But don’t worry, we’re in the process of redesigning optical switches, adapters and in a few more decades everything will be up and running smoothly” πŸ™‚

If your company director comes and yells at you (as usual) –

“Hey, my Apple Macbook is not connecting to the Apple Airport A.P over the Wi-Fi”

You could reply, “Hey director, here’s a real apple for you. Eat it and do some meditation for a couple of minutes. Once you’re cool and your BP is down, you might figure out that a simple action like restarting your system, even though it is not an earth shattering innovation, might give you better results. And the most surprising thing is, you can do it yourselves” πŸ™‚

OK, that was just for fun. Don’t even try it in your office unless you want to create history by becoming the first sysadmin to be fired on a sysadmin day for trying sysadmin pranks πŸ˜›

Some companies have created contests specially for today. Here are some of them –

Canon USA has created a Surprise SysAdmin Day contest, about which they will reveal only at the exact time of 00:00, July 26. Digium has created some colorful badges specially for the SysAdmin day, which you can send to everyone you know.

Happy SysAdmin Day 2013 to ALL OF YOU πŸ˜€


On a totally unrelated note, if you want to have some more fun, please read my short story, ‘How the Second World War was Averted’. Warning: It’s not even remotely connected to SysAdmin Day πŸ˜›