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I guess you all know my name: Rajesh K, but did you know that I live in Chennai, India? Or that I have a personal blog: Destination Infinity? Or that I am a ‘professional blogger’ writing and managing four blogs? Hmm… High time I told you something about me. You too can tell something about yourselves.

*Since this blog is overflowing with (rather boring, but necessary) technical info, I thought why not lighten it with a few non-tech posts occasionally* 🙂

I started blogging 8 years ago, and the above mentioned blog was my first. Since I was passionate about creative writing, storytelling and connecting with people, starting a blog seemed obvious. Then blogging grew upon me and it ended up becoming my profession!

I worked a Sales and Pre-Sales professional, in three Indian cities. But there came a point when my passion, and the knowledge gained due to my professional experience, met. That, around 6 years ago, gave birth to this Computer Networking blog you’re reading now.

About my personal blog: I started writing creative essays, opinions, and short stories in my personal blog initially. I even wrote a couple of *hopeless* poems. Then, I started traveling around my place and wrote many travel stories with pics. I took photos using my 2 MP mobile cam. But since people started trashing my photo quality in the comments, I was forced to buy a digital camera 🙂

Later on, I started writing my autobiography (school days — for now). I also write movie reviews (regional languages) and book reviews (English) – both fiction and non fiction. I was initially curious about Sustainable-Living principles, but that has become my life-mantra, now. I have even written a couple of books – one crime fiction novella and one short guide to tourists visiting India.

You can read more about me and the reason for the blog’s name @ Destination Infinity. If there are considerable readers around my area: Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad & Kochi: I am thinking of an informal meetup in these cities sometime. Let’s see how we can help each other. Anyone interested?

Don’t forget write a few words about yourself in the comments section, below. Feel free to include your blog and social media links.

Rajesh K


  • Prashant

    Hi Rakesh,
    I accidently stumbled upon excitinip.com and I am glad I did.
    I greatly like and appreciate your work.

    Your tech articles are awesome, clear, simple and easy to understand. Please do not stop writing.


  • Mandla D

    Dear Rajesh, I stumbled upon your writings while searching for a write-up on PRI circuits. Your write up was very helpful, clear and concise. Thank you for that.

    My name is Mandla D and I am in Pretoria, South Africa.

  • Rebecca

    Awesome Rajesh !
    I love the ” point blank” info style.
    My brither worked for NASA and
    used to comment to my mom
    ” just stick to facts ma’am”. Like the guy on an American 50’s old time crime show, based in L.A. “Dragnet”.
    Not boring! I welcome non frivilous verbage , when explaining to the common public.
    Especially about a complex topics. 😀
    I look up to you and your blogging endeavors, as inspiration.

  • KM

    The way you explained the networking concepts are very simple ,the differences you explained between the two protocols are simple.I feel we can get most of the information in this one blog instead of going through google for interview preparations.Sometimes even though we work in networking it’s not easy to remember all the concepts we worked on. But this blog helps to refresh in no time .