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WiFi Hotspot Analytics

If you run a retail chain or a large services-based organization like a mall or hospital, chances are you provide WiFi hotspot, perhaps with free Internet access, to visitors and guests.

With WiFi Hotspot Analytics, you can do more with WiFi users accessing Internet through your infrastructure. For example, you can access more information about the visitors, analyze and categorize them based on information gathered, and provide them with relevant & targeted informational or marketing messages.

WiFi Hotspot Analytics enables hosts to understand more about their visitors, understand how they move within the premises, which sections interest them least/most, etc. Gathering customer in-premise data and analysis can potentially increase customer engagement and revenue.

WiFi Hotspot Analytics providers enable you to,

  • Allow guests to login to your WiFi Hotspot using social media accounts, thereby making it easier for them to access Internet, and also making it easier for you to gather visitor information like name, age, gender, demographics, hometown, interests, etc.
  • Based on this info, you can categorize visitors and custom target marketing messages and offers. You can even identify user’s precise location on your premises and send out a custom deal or coupon. If they are near a cafeteria, for example, you can send a coupon for free coffee or a list of available items.
  • Social media login enables you to collect Hotspot user’s email, mobile no. etc. and send them regular updates or offers.
  • You can customize the landing page once they login to your WiFi hotspot with information on products, services, and deals. You can even monitor which websites they visit and filter out inappropriate sites.
  • You can request your mobile users connected on WiFi to download your app to explore more information about products/services they maybe interested in.
  • If you manage WiFi on a large venue, you can provide information like way-finding across the campus through maps, updates on availability of services/waiting times/prices, social events, special promotion alerts, etc.

Reference: Purple WiFi.


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  • Noah N.

    Wifi is not secure, I had my banking information stolen when i was in starbucks one day. Since then I’ve been using arcvpn to secure all my connections.