Bi-Monthly Computer Networking/IT Industry Updates (Dec. 07 – Dec. 20, ’15)


Welcome to Bi-monthly Computer Networking/IT industry updates. In this edition, you’ll find some interesting news and product releases from the vendors in our industry, over the last two weeks (December 07 – December 20, 2015).

#1. Cisco Spark, a Cloud-based Collaboration tool, to be Launched: Cisco is planning to launch Cisco Spark that will integrate messaging, meeting and calling, and will run on the Cloud. Read more…

#2. Brocade predicts a few trends for the future of the Networking industry: Here. And so does Unify. Here.

#3. Google Apps introduces DLP for email: Google Apps Unlimited customers using gmail get Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature to protect sensitive information from getting leaked out accidentally or intentionally via. company email. Read more…

#4. Polycom VVX Business Media Phones and RealPresence Trio Smart Hub to integrate with Microsoft Office 365 PBX. More…

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  • Anita

    Wonderful information. I’m also constantly updating myself on the latest technology news and trends to keep me stay updated.