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CII Connect 2016 Expo @ Chennai, India

The CII Connect 2016 expo & conference just happened in my hometown Chennai (India) on Sep. 27 & 28. Since the event focuses on ICT (Information & Communications Technology) in India, I thought why not visit and write about some interesting products and companies I find there.

Disclaimer: Not all products/services mentioned below are related to IT/Networking; some of these companies cater to the local market here and hence may not be applicable for the global audience. 

So here you go..

#1. Naanal


Naanal Stack paves the path to move to Software Defined Data Center architecture through their next-gen desktop/server virtualization systems, management software, etc. Naanal in Tamil means a plant (creeper) that grows flexibly. Their cloud virtualization solution, they claim, is (similarly) flexible to accommodate modern application requirements. Learn more…

#2. 18 Degrees Lab


CyLock by 18 Degrees Lab is a Second Factor authentication solution that employs mobile devices for the second factor authentication, instead of hardware tokens or OTPs. It seems they are a Singapore-based startup trying to disrupt the second factor authentication market, especially for financial organizations, VPN access, etc. Learn more..

#3. TCS iON


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) iON is an ERP on Cloud solution primarily targeting the manufacturing and education sectors. Their platform enables an IT-as-a-Service model offering end-to-end business solutions on the cloud. Learn more..

#4. Tevatelcii-connect-2016-expo-chennai-7

Tevatel provides IP voice solutions for companies including IP PBX, Call Center software, Voice broadcast, Voice/Web conference, CDR, Ticketing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Masking, etc. Learn more..

#5. (n)Code Solutions


(n)Code Solutions provides PKI & Digital Certificates, e-procurement systems for Govt. departments; e-Governance solutions for PSUs and other Govt. organizations; Data Center building and infrastructure management services, Consultancy and implementation of IP-based Video surveillance operations, Cloud computing solutions, etc. Learn more..

#6. Clear Touch


Clear Touch Connect is a mass voice messaging solution where messages are delivered as voice bits over a regular phone call. This could be useful for large voice broadcasts. Clear Touch is also into IVR, Interactive Voice Messaging, Predictive Dialing, etc. Learn more..

#7. Tantiv4


Tantiv4labs is coming up with fetchIT, an IoT-based system that enables users to not only control multiple home and smart appliances using a single device, but also enables them to place orders for common food items at the touch of a button. As you can guess, the second part requires integration with Online grocery shops, and the company is planning to release the product in the U.S. initially. Learn More..

8. bespoka


Bespoka labs is a Chennai-based company that provides Glowlog, an instrument that records data over time using sensors and can be used for monitoring parameters like temperature, humidity, etc. One application is to monitor the temperature of packed food, another is to monitor the temperature of data center components. The company is into custom development of monitors and recorders. Learn more..

9. Futurenet


Futurenet is an IT consultant & infrastructure provider for the Indian market. One thing that caught my attention in their stall is the above-mentioned CloudEye appliance for assessing critical failure points and notifying about the same. It seems they also have expertise in open source technologies like Open ERP, etc. Learn more..

10. 3Ding


3Ding offers 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D printing services to companies and customers in India. These printers/services could have huge cost-saving implications in architecture, prototyping, engineering, robotics, and even doll-making industries. The 3D printer shown above is their entry-level model that was exhibited during the fair. Learn more..

11. Ozone Motors


Ozone Motors offers Falcon GPS, a simple (location) tracking device and application to track a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. The application of such GPS tracking devices include preventing theft (vehicle surveillance), controlling speed, saving fuel, etc. It seems they offer these devices both for individual vehicle owners and transportation companies.

12. Hasura


I am reproducing the following text from their website: “Hasura is a platform for building scalable application backends, without losing control. With out of the box APIs for database, search, authentication etc, Hasura minimises the time to build your application backend. Hasura is a PaaS with BaaS components.” Learn more..

13. EzeeMachining.com


ezeemachining.com is an online/e-commerce portal for CNC Machining components in India, and across the world. Customers can log-in and get an instant quote for CNC-turned parts, track their RFQ status and get the parts delivered – all from their computer screen. Learn more..


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