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Customized Wedding Slideshows

I have started a new venture, wowsuper.net where I create custom slideshow videos for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. Have a look at the above-embedded video to see how photos and videos can be combined to create a beautiful slideshow video with effects, transitions, text, music, animation, motion graphics, etc.

Free apps might be sufficient to create basic slideshows, but special occasions demand outstanding effects and professional effort – don’t you think? After all, people spend a lot of money to make their special day memorable. Why not spend a little more to share it with the world and on social networks in style?

For this new venture, I am using Zoho One CRM Suite at the backend to generate and track leads, communicate with prospects and customers via email, chat and social media, generate invoices, receive payments, and provide customer support. I’ll write detailed reviews of this tool at a later date, but for now, if you are looking for a relatively inexpensive suite to manage your entire business, do evaluate Zoho One. The exhaustive list of apps you get access to is very useful even if you are just a solopreneur.

WordPress, as usual, is my choice for the frontend – website. I am, however, using a single page theme with a video header (to play the portfolio slideshow automatically) and there are a few sections on the front page to give info on the services offered. The homepage will not change much, but new updates/blog posts will go on the ‘News’ page. With WordPress, it is possible to create a blog that looks like a static website – which is what I wanted.

Do have a look at my new website wowsuper.net and give me your valuable feedback in the comments section below. The monthly Computer Networking and IT industry updates/news posts will continue from the next month as I am busy launching this venture now.

Rajesh K, excITingIP.com