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2018: Why the Panasonic FZ1000 Bridge Camera is Still the Best Option

I’ll give you ten reasons why I think the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 is still the best bridge camera for personal or semi-professional video capture, even in 2018 – four years after it’s release. BTW, I bought one recently.

  1. The price is just right for it’s category, especially when compared to the much higher unjustifiably-priced cameras with similar specs from Sonys and Nikons.
  2. Large One Inch Sensor to capture more details, and better low light performance.
  3. 4K Video recording along with 1080p & 720p.
  4. 120fps slow motion (could’ve been more – but sufficient for regular usage) & Time Lapse photo/video.
  5. 3.5mm External Mic Jack – Very useful for vloggers, youtubers and for taking interviews, recording concerts, etc. Just try to find another camera with these feautures and an external mic port!!
  6. 5-axis Optical Image Stabilisation – very useful to take better quality videos while moving/walking.
  7. 18x Optical Zoom & Manual focus. Optical zoom is very important to my kinda work as I can’t always get close to the subjects. More would’ve been better – but this 300mm equivalent sufficient for most cases. Manual Focus is useful esp. for creative shots – to bring the scene in focus from being out of focus. But it is also useful for regular video recording as Pros recommend getting used to manual focus for precise control.
  8. Optional telephoto & wide-angle lenses. Although the FZ1000 is a bridge camera with a fixed lens, these optional lenses can be screwed on when required – useful at times.
  9. Large size & Camera hood makes it look professional – yeah, some clients go by the looks. Although, some people might consider the larger size/weight to be a disadvantage, I don’t.
  10. WiFi connection to mobile phone lets you to share photos & videos instantly. This camera comes with a 180 degree rotate and tilt screens, so it’s easy to see what we are recording when we are taking selfies or when we attach it to a tripod and show/speak from the front.

I wonder why other camera manufacturer or even Panasonic themselves have not come up with a better camera (at a similar price range) even after four years. Until they do, here is to my productive, creative and fun days with the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Bridge Camera 🙂