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Why Do You Need Smart Lights?

Smart Lights – Video Overview

If you are wondering what makes ‘smart’ lights different from regular light bulbs, and why you should buy smart lights for your home or office, read on.

What are Smart Lights?

Smart Lights are similar to regular light bulbs and they plug into the regular light bulb sockets. However, they connect to your WiFi network/WiFi router either directly or through a Hub, depending on the manufacturer. Once connected, you can control smart lights via a mobile app (among others).

Here are Ten Reasons Why you should Invest in a Smart Light today,

Connected Smart Lights enable you to, 

  1. Group and Control your lights on a Smartphone via the Mobile App provided by the manufacturer or via Voice Commands on your phone or Home Automation appliances like Siri, Amazon Echo, or Google Assistant
  2. Group Lights (All lights on the basement or floor, for example, can be controlled individually or as a group)
  3. Switch On/Switch Off the lights using mobile phones, and even dim them to various intensity levels
  4. Program/Schedule the lights to switch on/switch off at certain times automatically
  5. Program the lights to gradually increase or decrease their intensity to wake-up/go-to-sleep naturally mimicing the illumination outside
  6. Multiple lighting control options help you change the intensity and colours to sync the lights to different moods and tasks. For reading, you can set the lights to be brighter, but for watching movies you can set them to be darker, via presets or user-defined settings
  7. Change the colour of your lights to millions of colours/shades of your choosing
  8. Program the lights to switch on when you are about to enter the home or switch off after you just left, automatically, via their location sensing algorithms
  9. There are third party apps that are compatible with smart lighting systems that extend their functionality by syncing the light’s luminosity to music/movies and changing their intensity to create the appropirate mood. Lights literally dance to your pictures and sounds!
  10. Make your light blink (for example) when a notification arrives on your phone, or to use it as an alarm


  • You can screw the light bulbs to existing/regular light fittings
  • You can track the amount of energy used by each bulb
  • You can use IFTTT to operate/control the bulbs based on various other parameters and interoperate with third-party apps

Smart Lights are the first step towards a Smart Home.

Become smarter 🙂


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