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Developers, become an IBM Coder!

IBM runs an IBM Coder Program that is open to developers/coders of all levels, working anywhere or still in academia, across the world. It’s free of cost to join and you can earn rewards for your contributions while learning from the best.

You’ll find a vibrant community of coders out there who will not only lift your spirits when you feel down, but will also help you identify promising upcoming tech & grasp some of the most difficult concepts. Of course, you could also help others in return.

All of us know how difficult it is to learn & get recognized while studying in college or while working in a large company. We get too absorbed in our day to day activities that we don’t find time to update ourselves with the latest technologies or learn the tech of the future.

This is where the IBM Coder program can help you. There are a number of challenges that you can attempt, while learning and gaining points as you complete each stage. There are interesting rewards like drone giveaways or cash prizes for completing small and large challenges.

There are specific Learning Paths which you can take to familiarize yourselves with a new technology that you always wanted to learn. These enable self-guided learning, or participative community-enabled learning.

If you are eager to learn all the latest technologies from data science to blockchain, sign up for the IBM Coder program, create your profile, and participate in challenges – now.