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InExpensive Android Phone with Stylus Pen (LG Q Stylus)

I have been using the LG Q Stylus for more than six months, and frankly, I like this phone – especially the stylus for which I bought it.

I thought I could draw and take notes using the stylus, but I find myself using the stylus to type long sentences on the cramped Android keyboard.

So I end up using the stylus multiple times a day – I am now so used to taking the stylus out of the stylus holder and using it to type. I also use it to open and control apps. I also use my finger for shorter sessions, but I love using my stylus.

Compared with expensive Samsung phone that features (a better) stylus, this LG stylus is great value for money. I wonder why other phones don’t come with such a useful accessory. I used to love the stylus in my old HTC P330 phone as well – to control the then Windows 6 phone I was using!

Here are the other Advantages of LG Q Stylus/Stylus Plus I found based on my experience –

  • Good Selfie Camera
  • Large Screen, good quality display
  • Fast Operation
  • Decent audio volume
  • Water/Dustproof
  • Screen Doesn’t crack/break when dropped, and I’ve dropped it multiple times
  • Cheapest (and one of the few) branded phones with Stylus
  • This phone reminds me if I don’t insert the pen into the stylus holder in the phone after sometime

Limitations (Based on my experience) –

  • Rear (main) Camera is poor – especially in low light
  • Price keeps varying
  • Audio quality could have been better
  • Difficult to draw or take notes using the stylus – its intended use

At the time of writing this article, the phone is still available to buy both on Amazon and Flipkart. If you like using a stylus pen, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money to buy the insanely expensive high-end Samsung Note phones (incl. the ‘Lite’ version), go ahead and buy the LG Q Stylus or Stylus+. There are no major complaints from a six-month+ user (me) except the quality of photos in the rear camera.

Here is the Company’s Ad for this Phone: