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    Online Forms: User Uploading Files/Attachments (Google Forms)

    If you want an online form in which you want to enable the user (form submitter) to upload attachments like images, videos, etc. then Google Forms is a good option. However, the free version of Google Forms doesn’t support file attachments. This Upload File feature is supported only for G-Suite Basic (and advanced) users, which requires you to purchase at least one G-Suite user account. Once you have a G-Suite account, login to the associated Google account and then go to forms.google.com. There are limitations to allowing users to upload attachments directly through Google Forms, which will be discussed below. First, you create a new form. Then click the ‘+’ button on…

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    Interviewers, Save Time with InterviewDesk

    If you work in the Human Resources/Staffing industry you know how difficult and time consuming it can be to select the right candidate from hundreds of applications received for each job position. A lot of time is required just to sort out all the applications and shortlist a few candidates for interviews. A dedicated HR manager/team can do this task, but with many positions that need to be filled up fast, this can become a difficult task even for them. For small companies, hiring a dedicated HR staff may be expensive. If you are part of an HR consultancy or if you are an entrepreneur managing your own recruitment, imagine how…

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    Cross-Platform File Transfer/Sharing App XENDER Launches New Version

    What is XENDER? Xender is a comprehensive app for all file transfer & sharing needs on mobile and desktop computing devices. It allows users to share any type of file, at any time, without any mobile data usage. Xender supports Android, IOS, Windows, PC/Mac cross-platform transferring with over 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed. Free Interactive Application XENDER Launches New Version New Delhi, September 22, 2016: XENDER, a file transfer and sharing application, has announced the launch of its new version – with comprehensive functions and better user experience. XENDER has maintained a leading position as the world’s fastest, most convenient mobile sharing tool at zero cost. XENDER offers seamless transmission…

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    FACT to launch GST Ready ERP Software for Indian SMEs

    FACT hails passing of GST Bill by Indian Parliament – ready to launch GST ready ERP Software for Indian Companies. FACT Solutions India hailed the passing of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) Bill by Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament) as the most progressive and far-reaching tax reform measure ever undertaken by the Govt of India. “The impact will be unprecedented and will transform India into a single unified marketplace”, says Mr. Arvind Agarwalla, Founder & CEO of the FACT Group of Companies worldwide. He added “GST will subsume the plethora of taxes at the central and state levels. This alone will add 2% to the GDP, propelling the country…

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    Monitoring Employee Mobile Phones: What can employers do?

    If you thought an employer can only monitor employees’ computer/laptop usage, think again. Nowadays, there are apps that help an employer monitor employee activities to an extent you might never have imagined possible. Here are some ways in which employers can monitor employees’ mobile phones:  Record employee calls and listen to any of them, whenever. Track their SMS (sent & received). Read email received on their phone, some services enable employers to read even gmail messages. Find out what websites employees are visiting and access their browser history. Filter what websites and apps they can access. Get notified when employees change their SIM card. Monitor social media activities including Facebook,…

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    Windows 10: What’s in it for Work?

    Highlights from Windows 10 Introductory Presentation: Windows 10 is the next OS from Microsoft. In this article, let’s see some interesting features available in it for work. * Windows 10 detects and adapts to the device and it’s capabilities (mobile, touchscreen, keyboard/mouse, etc.) automatically. Streamlined and universal app platform for multiple devices. Synchronized data/notifications between different devices. ** Windows 10 devices are expected to be upgraded to new OS versions   (when available) throughout its lifetime, free of cost. Even Windows 7, Windows 8.1 devices can upgrade to Windows 10 free of cost, during the first year of its release. However, Windows Enterprise editions don’t get a free upgrade, except…

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    Why Not Automate Tasks for IT/Networking Products?

    IFTTT – IF This Then That – refers to a web service (currently free) that enables the automation of certain (repetitive) tasks for supported applications. In the IoT (Internet of Things) space, companies have built products and applications that support IFTTT, especially in the home automation segment. Some examples include, Based on the weather information (for your area), change the intensity of lights; turn On A/C or heater. If it rains, change the color of the lights. If you are tagged by someone in Facebook or receive an email from a specific person, make the lights blink. If sun sets, turn On Lights. If lights are switched On, log electricity usage/switch usage to…

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    Change and Configuration Auditing for File Servers

    There are numerous software applications available today for file server change and configuration auditing. These applications continuously monitor files server configuration state, report about any changes to data stored there, and alert system administrators in real-time when a confidential file is tampered with, or an important server configuration is changed. Such change and configuration auditing products help super administrators identify who has made changes to critical data, see when that happened, what has been changed and where. Why is Change Auditing of File Servers Required? Insider misuse and user/administrator errors are reported to have been at the root cause of a considerable amount of security incidents. Without proper auditing mechanisms,…

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    Predictive Analytics for IT Systems, Anyone?

    You can identify a potential IT system/network problem, a few minutes or hours before it actually happens. Predictive Analytics for IT systems enables you to do that and more. And such systems (though new) are available today. What is Predictive Analytics for IT Systems? Predictive Analytics is software intelligence program that can analyze current metrics to form a baseline profile of normal behavior, and can compare historical trends with real-time parameters to identify abnormal patterns/deviations in (near) real-time. This can help IT departments to monitor critical applications and infrastructure (like servers or network devices) by continuously collecting important parameters and comparing them to thresholds set earlier. A Predictive Analytics system can…

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    Cloud ERP: Should You Opt for it?

    An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) suite is a software application that integrates multiple department functions into a single platform. With everything else available on the cloud, why should the ERP software be on-premises only? There are vendors who specialize in Cloud ERP solutions now, and employees access the ERP software over the Internet through an application on their computer, tablet, mobile phone, or simply through a web-browser. If you are an SMB (Small & Medium Businesses), especially, it makes a lot of sense to consider Cloud-based ERP implementation, seriously. Generally, and especially in large companies, ERP systems are installed and maintained in-house. These are called On-premise ERP systems. Then came Hosted…

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    An Interesting Perspective on ERP Systems

    ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning System/Software is an important enterprise application that integrates all the individual department functions into a single software application. But an ERP System is not a magic wand that will solve all the problems faced by companies, and increase profits/reduce errors, overnight. It requires good technical skills with implementation expertise, and may not be suitable for all companies. This post contains an interesting/alternate (critical) perspective on ERP Systems, written by Ciro, a reader of this blog. These points were originally mentioned in the comments section of the post on ERP Systems – Advantages & Limitations, written earlier, in this blog. Since the comments/arguments were thought-provoking enough, I decided…

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    What is a WAN Emulator?

    Most organizations have multiple branches and employees access applications over Leased Lines, MPLS Lines, VPN over Internet Leased Lines and even VPN over broadband networks. In such a scenario, how would you ensure that the applications hosted in your data center will adhere to certain (minimum) performance levels for everyone? Welcome the WAN Emulator. To test different types of WAN links right from your data center/head office, you could connect the client as well as the server/application to the WAN Emulator – which simulates WAN conditions – and the application performance with each type of WAN Link can be tested/measured. It is possible to configure the WAN Link with several…

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    M2M – Machine to Machine Communications (An Intro)

    M2M or Machine to Machine communications is the next big thing after the Internet. Yes, M2M going to be a part of ‘Internet for things’ just like how we have ‘Internet for people’. The concept of machines talking to each other and making the best decisions for us, is closer to reality than you think! M2M has always found applications in the industrial sector, but until recently the applications were reliant on high-power/costly radio transmitters, optical fiber networks, etc. The advent and spread of cellular communications everywhere, followed by Internet over cellular communications has brought M2M applications to the mainstream and has enabled many more possible applications. We now have…

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    IT Process Automation – Is this concept catching up?

    IT process automation is a software framework that enables CIOs and IT Managers reduce human efforts invested in carrying out mundane, repetitive and simple tasks (configuration, maintenance, etc.). IT process automation can save a lot of time for IT administrators and can enable them to work on more challenging tasks that demand human intervention/experience. If we closely analyze the time spent by IT administrators, we may notice that they are utilizing a lot of their time on simple, repetitive tasks like provisioning/deployment of new servers, etc. Why not automate these tasks and free them up for more demanding tasks that require human intelligence/skill-sets? Considering that machines can do certain tasks…

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