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    Why Do You Need Smart Lights?

    Smart Lights – Video Overview If you are wondering what makes ‘smart’ lights different from regular light bulbs, and why you should buy smart lights for your home or office, read on. What are Smart Lights? Smart Lights are similar to regular light bulbs and they plug into the regular light bulb sockets. However, they connect to your WiFi network/WiFi router either directly or through a Hub, depending on the manufacturer. Once connected, you can control smart lights via a mobile app (among others). Here are Ten Reasons Why you should Invest in a Smart Light today, Connected Smart Lights enable you to,  Group and Control your lights on a…

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    Smartband: 5 Reasons Why you should Buy one

      So you are thinking whether to buy a Smartband (at least in 2019) or not. Even better, you maybe thinking what is this Smartband, what benefits does it give me, and why should I bother buying one? Good, you have reached the right page. I assume you spend most of your time on your favorite chair or couch – in a comfortable sedentary position. And you consider those steps taken from cab to office and cab to home as ‘sufficient’ exercise for the day. Read on. Smartbands: 5 Reasons Why you should Buy one TODAY –  ONE: Idle/Sitting Alerts & Notifications  This one reason is sufficient enough to invest…

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    Beautiful Email Marketing Templates (Campaign Monitor Review)

    Recently, I tried using Campaign Monitor Email Marketing system and the first thing that impressed me was their beautiful email marketing templates in multiple categories like Announcements, Newsletters, Deals & Offers, Events, Holidays, etc. The best thing is, all these templates can be customised to the user’s liking. Or one can start from scratch and build their own template – it’s good if you are conversant with design & html. If you know that most of your intended recipients will not be able to open html emails (due to organisation email policies, email client limitations, etc.) you can even choose to send your email in plain text! Since I had…

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    Three Best 360-Degree Cameras for 2018 (My Choice)

    I did a lot of research on 360 Cameras. In fact, at a point, I wanted to buy a 360-Degree Camera (that shoots in all angles) instead of a regular camera. However, fortunately, I decided against that strategy as over-capture (selecting which angle footage you want to use) features are not yet mature enough and the final obtainable resolution (after you cut to just an angle) is low – in most consumer/prosumer 360 cameras. Besides, low-light performance is not comparable to regular cameras. However, the price point at which these cameras come make them an enticing accessory, along with entry-level drones. If you are into any form of serious videography,…

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    OnePlus 6T Teaser Video (Fan Made)

    Here is a short teaser video I made for the highly anticipated release of the latest OnePlus mobile – OnePlus 6T., on Oct. 30, 2018 at New York & New Delhi. How do you like it? 😀 And Remember: NO PHONE CAN BEAT ONE PLUS 6.  EXCEPT ONE PLUS 6T 🙂

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    3 Inexpensive Options for Slow Motion Video Recording

    When I say inexpensive, it’s relatively inexpensive – not your sub $200 category. Let’s admit – good cameras that can record butter smooth slow motion footage will cost you a lot of money. But that shouldn’t deter starters and enthusiasts as there are good options for slow motion video cameras nowadays in the sub $800 price range. If you want me to name just one camera that I would want to buy for slow motion recording, it would be the Sony RX100 Mark V that can record a whooping 960 fps for ultra smooth slow-motion. But the best option is also the priciest and this is no exception. There are…

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    2018: Why the Panasonic FZ1000 Bridge Camera is Still the Best Option

    I’ll give you ten reasons why I think the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 is still the best bridge camera for personal or semi-professional video capture, even in 2018 – four years after it’s release. BTW, I bought one recently. The price is just right for it’s category, especially when compared to the much higher unjustifiably-priced cameras with similar specs from Sonys and Nikons. Large One Inch Sensor to capture more details, and better low light performance. 4K Video recording along with 1080p & 720p. 120fps slow motion (could’ve been more – but sufficient for regular usage) & Time Lapse photo/video. 3.5mm External Mic Jack – Very useful for vloggers, youtubers and…

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    GoPro Hero 7 Black Action Camera – Better than the Best?

    GoPro, the most popular action camera maker has launched it’s latest and bestest (yet) action cam – GoPro Hero 7 Black. But, is it worth upgrading to this camera if you already own one of the GoPros? What if you don’t have an action camera – is this the best option to buy a new action camera in 2018? I would answer ‘Yes’ for the second question – GoPro definitely makes some of the best action cameras. GoPro Hero 7 is the latest; obviously you can expect it to be packed with the best features. If you are in the US, the aggressive pricing strategy is, I feel, easily justifies…

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    OnePlus 6T Launch Event on Oct. 30, 2018 (New Delhi & New York)

    So, word is out officially that the most anticipated flagship-killer OnePlus6T mobile phone launch has been scheduled on Oct. 30, 2018 at 8.30 P.M. IST (KDJW Stadium, New Delhi) and 11 A.M. EDT (Pier 36, New York). For the India launch, you can book the tickets from OnePlus6T Company Launch page here. If you can’t make it to New Delhi, you can watch the launch event on live stream from here. The attendees, the OnePlus team says, will receive exclusive gifts that justifies the cost of admission (yes, you need to pay for the entrance ticket to the event), go hands-on with the new device, check out the interactive displays…

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    Customized Wedding Slideshows

    I have started a new venture, wowsuper.net where I create custom slideshow videos for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. Have a look at the above-embedded video to see how photos and videos can be combined to create a beautiful slideshow video with effects, transitions, text, music, animation, motion graphics, etc. Free apps might be sufficient to create basic slideshows, but special occasions demand outstanding effects and professional effort – don’t you think? After all, people spend a lot of money to make their special day memorable. Why not spend a little more to share it with the world and on social networks in style? For this new venture,…

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    HoiChoi: The App for Bengali Entertainment Programmes

    SVF, Eastern India’s prominent Entertainment company, has launched HoiChoi – the Digital Platform (Website, Mobile App) exclusively for Bengali audio/video content like web serials, movies, music, etc. HoiChoi is currently being launched with a strong content portfolio of exclusive & original web series, more than 500 Bengali movies & more than 1000 Bengali songs (will be added shortly). This is a subscription-based entertainment service and the introductory plans are given below – 3 Months – Rs. 149/- 6 Months – Rs. 249/- 12 Months – Rs. 399/- International rates are different and prices are subject to change anytime.  Advantages of HoiChoi Digital Platform:  One of the largest collection of Bengali…

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    OnePlus 3T Phone: Advantages & Limitations

    *This post is off-topic.  Since I was involved in a full-time IT project over the last few months, I’ve not been able to update this blog. It’s now completed and you can expect regular posts on IT/Comp. networking from now on. Do comment below if you have any topic suggestions. I also wish to highlight my latest creative venture – animatedphotos.org. Basically, you could send me six photos taken on a special occasion like a trip, birthday, wedding, etc. and I will create a nice animated photo slideshow using those photos. Head over to my personal blog for details. Now let me come to the topic of this post. OnePlus 3T…

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    3D Printing: Why IT Professionals must care

    Why IT Professionals/Enterprises must care about 3D Printing? With the invention of computing and disruption of software, enterprises and industries have never been the same. After the computing and information technology revolution, the world is ready to embrace the next industrial revolution. If not all, most of the IT professionals see Additive Manufacturing, well known as 3D Printing, as another fancy trend which will end soon. But the truth is that the technology that is predicted to generate a market worth of 30 Billion USD by 2022 is here to stay and has already become an integral part of manufacturing, medicine, and automotive industries. With many innovations happening in the…

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    CII Connect 2016 Expo @ Chennai, India

    The CII Connect 2016 expo & conference just happened in my hometown Chennai (India) on Sep. 27 & 28. Since the event focuses on ICT (Information & Communications Technology) in India, I thought why not visit and write about some interesting products and companies I find there. Disclaimer: Not all products/services mentioned below are related to IT/Networking; some of these companies cater to the local market here and hence may not be applicable for the global audience.  So here you go.. #1. Naanal Naanal Stack paves the path to move to Software Defined Data Center architecture through their next-gen desktop/server virtualization systems, management software, etc. Naanal in Tamil means a plant…

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